The Mirror

Countless voices in our culture shout about how we should look and who we should be. We quickly absorb the message that we ought to constantly appear like we have it all together—even if we don’t. But we still might look in the mirror and not like what we see. Jesus sees us differently. He sees us as his workmanship.  


April 1st – No Journey – No Joke

April 8th – Journey – 7:15pm @ True North

April 15th - Journey – 7:15pm @ True North

April 22nd - Journey – 7:15pm @ True North

April 29th TBD

Mission Trip to Philipsburg, PA July 27th – Aug 2nd 2014:

Mission Trip Philipsburg, PA 2014 Application


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Leader contact numbers

Melissa (631) 790-7142
Nicole (631) 484-6115
Audrey (631) 921-4566
Brent (631) 334-3756
Dominick (631) 365-1658
Jeannine (631) 365-1660
Peter (805) 722-0114

Journey is True North Community Church’s Student Ministry for high schoolers in grades 9-12.  If you’re not in this category, please email to find out where your place is.

If you have an questions, you can always contact me, or on my cell (631) 790-6860.

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