City Love

What is City Love?

City Love is a service project organized by our College Community Groups. Our goal is to provide aid to those who live on the street.

This past summer, our College Community Groups walked the streets on NYC on a monday night armed with clothes, toiletries, and various other amenities to distribute to the homeless.
While many were certainly grateful for what we could provide, there was an overwhelming request specifically for towels & socks.
We’re returning the city this January and it is our goal to get as many new¬†towels & socks out there as possible and we’d love for you to help.

We’ll be collecting new towels & socks at our services on December 12th, 19th, & 23rd. Drop off whatever you can and our college students will take it from there.

If you’re a college student or in the 18-25 range and are interested in helping with City Love, contact Matt Summers.

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